Each student at Piano Iowa receives a weekly private or “buddy” lesson.  Group lessons are a quarterly affair, with students of similar skill levels coming together for friendship, games, and learning.  

Weekly lessons consist of repertoire, technique focus, theory (the math behind music!), games, and technology.  A typical thirty minute lesson for a beginner may look something like this:

5 mins: Chat about the last week’s practice while doing finger warm-ups and begin our technique focus; learning how to articulate the arm & fingers. This might look like using a ball of play-doh to practice correct finger pressure and shape.

10-15 mins: review last week’s pieces and work on this week’s assignments. In depth dive into new concepts.  This may look like correcting mistakes in old pieces and learning a new rhythm for a new piece.

5-10  mins: theory & games.  We do some worksheets to reinforce topics learned in the lesson and to encourage students to learn to write the musical elements.  We might also utilize the iPad to play games that review the topics covered by this week’s lesson or get off the bench and play a musical board game.

5 mins: wrap up, review assignments for next week & chat with Mom or Dad about things to work on outside of lessons.